Terra’s Sister Restaurant Will Likely Open This Week

“A lot of action at Attraversiamo tonight,” noticed James yesterday about the long-gestating restaurant—a sister to the popular Terra—coming to the former Butterfly space on W. Broadway. Indeed, the paper is off the windows, and the space is looking good. (I didn’t take a photo because there was a guy right inside.) But the website and Facebook page are gone, which made me wonder whether a name change is imminent…. I emailed Tanya Hira-Passon, who owns the restaurants with her husband, Roberto, to see what’s up. “We should be opening our doors to the public this week!” she replied. And she confirmed that there’s a new name: Attraversa, or “Cross over!” in Italian. It’s a direct command, whereas Attraversiamo means “Let’s cross over together.” She explains: “After all the hurdles Roberto and I have jumped through to open this restaurant, we’re just going to shout it out now: Cross over and try something new! Cichetti di mare and grigliatas inspired by Chef Roberto’s Venetian roots that you simply won’t want to miss. I suppose you could describe Attraversa as the same great atmosphere, vibe, and price point of Terra, but with more seafood and vegan options.” Check it out for yourself—the menu, along with the two photos below, is on the restaurant’s website. UPDATE: I found a few food shots on Attraversa’s Instagram feed.


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  1. I was walking through the neighborhood around 10-11pm Thursday night and was pleased to see how many people were out and about along West Broadway, N Moore and Greenwich Street. Seems like there is a nightlife revival going on with so many great additions to the neighborhood recently (Frenchette, soon Il Mulino and now another spot that sounds great from the folks behind Terra, who have a number of great places throughout the city).