Seen & Heard: Eight Shoots in Tribeca This Week

••• Ibiza set a date of July 22 for its closing, announced in February.

••• Two updates to yesterday’s new-restaurant round-up: The menu is here for Nonna Beppa, the new Italian on Hudson Street in Hudson Square; and a Dig Inn rep said the Greenwich Street outpost won’t be opening just yet: “We just had to push it back a couple of weeks due to a number of factors.”

••• From G.: “As if the parking issues weren’t flagrantly ignored by anyone with a placard or NYPD logo anything, now Sanitation is also parking wherever they want. This car has been parked on N. Moore across from Ladder 8 for at least two days. Aside from 311, is there anyone else I can complain too? I’ve tried to see the Ladder 8 guys but they’ve been out the three times I’ve been by. It grates because we get tickets from sanitation for things like ‘bags not securely tied, potential for items to fall out’ but they can park in front of a hydrant and get away with it because it’s a city vehicle.” If you’re on Twitter, you can try tweeting the 1st Precinct at @NYPD1Pct—they’ve been responsive lately. Alternatively, try reaching out directly to the two Neighborhood Coordination Officers assigned to Tribeca: Dinah Bodden (917-860-2601, and Joseph Milone (929-284-0996, There’s also a link to email the DSNY commissioner at the bottom of this page. Send him/her the photo and point out the license plate number….

••• The Concepts store on Hudson, just above Canal, turned itself into a day spa as a promotion for Adidas: “Concepts draws the vibe from upscale hotel spas”—um, not exactly—”in their new adidas Consortium project, the ‘Shiatsu’ Energy Boost. A white-knit upper, protected by a translucent marbled TPU cage, sits atop adidas’ super-comfortable Boost sole. Jade terrycloth knit lining and marbled Jade Continental outsoles set off this perfect Summer shoe, while paying homage to Asian culture’s reverence of the Jade stone and traditional Shiatsu Massage. The limited Concepts package includes Concepts box, three sets of laces, and Concepts branded insoles. The Concepts x adidas Consortium ‘Shiatsu’ Energy Boost will be available Saturday, July 21.”

••• I belatedly added video to the recent Valentine post about the birds outside Whole Foods. It’s hard to capture the birdsong, but you get the idea.

••• Three more shoots this week: The TV show “Bull” on Friday at Beach and Hudson; a commercial on Saturday at W. Broadway and Leonard; and TV show “Tell Me a Story” on Sunday at Church and Leonard. That’s eight shoots in Tribeca this week. (The others are here and here.)



  1. That DSNY vehicle probably belongs to a supervisor associated with the Sanitation District 1 Office located in the building at 7 N. Moore Street (owned by NYC and assigned to DSNY).

    Good luck with your complaint!

  2. From DSNY Strongest



    Ask for the District Superintendent. If he/she is not available, ask to speak to a Supervisor.


    From the Green Book:

    Manhattan Borough Chief – Garret O’Rielly

    427 E. 87th St., New York NY, 10028
    Contact Numbers
    (212) 360-3520

  3. Is there an easy way to find out what the shoots are actually for?

    For example, what is “TMAS”?

  4. The film shoots are out of control this summer. I’ve put in a complaint to the mayor’s office, and I encourage others to do the same.

  5. Tonight NYPD patrol car #5089(14) CTB is parked at that hydrant instead

  6. Dee dee thanks for posting that info. Message sent.
    I appreciate that the neighborhood is “wanted” but wow, these crews are really here to do a job with no respect for the fact that ~real people actually live here~. I often feel like Im looking at some of these guys while they are lounging in their living room. Lawn chairs, feet up on the sidewalk. Yelling and snacking like I am in their way. Sorry guys ??? …Mostly it bothers me because when they leave, there is tons of garbage, food remnants everywhere (hello we already have rat problems) and excessive packing tape on every pole. I pay an absurd amount of property tax, its not cool.