In the News: “Tropical Hell”

••• Eater savaged Gitano, calling it a “tropical hell.”

••• A profile of the residential conversion of 1 Wall, which will have a 44,000-square-foot Whole Foods at the base. —New York Times

••• There’s balloon art at Pier 17. —New York Times

••• A review of Raul Guerrero’s show at Ortuzar Projects. —New York Times

••• Another review of Don Wagyu. —New Yorker

••• “Although it sat firmly within Manhattan’s ‘butter and egg’ district, the 1891 building at 160-162 Duane [24 Hudson] was filled with what today might be called ‘tech companies.'” —Daytonian in Manhattan



  1. I’m pretty certain 16 Hudson St. Was co-opted prior to 1991…I’m thinking more like 1985 or so. Dan Ackroyd was one of the first owners of a top floor unit.

  2. The date of the first offering plan for this building was July 16th, 1979, regards, Sonia

  3. In the old days a review like the one Gitano got from Eater would have ruined its livelihood. Bryan Miller at NYT destroyed many a restaurants…cheer up Gitano, lick your wounds and do better. No one review has the power it used to.