In the News: The Crowds Waiting for Taylor Swift

••• “Taylor Swift Has Been Treating the Sidewalk Outside Her Apartment Like a Runway Again.” And the crowds have been insane (even worse than in this photo from A.). —The Cut

••• The New York Post first reported that “a handcuffed prisoner escaped police custody in lower Manhattan on Friday night, cops said. The man, who had been arrested on suspicion of petit larceny, fled from the First Precinct station house in Tribeca at about 7:30 p.m., according to police.” In a follow-up identifying him as Derek Robinson, who’s still at large, the Post said he escaped outside the Guess store in Soho, and “he ran north on Mercer Street, where cops lost sight of him.”

••• “Some eight years in the works, the long-delayed streetscape remake for Water Street, from Whitehall to Wall, is moving forward. Once completed, there will be two plazas, wider sidewalks, new trees and plantings and a unified streetscape along the western side of those five blocks. Since 2013, Water Street has been narrowed by a lane, allowing for an expanded walkway and the creation of temporary plazas at Whitehall and Coenties Slip. Epoxy gravel, colored and striped pavement and plastic traffic bollards serve as placeholders for the $17 million project.” —Tribeca Trib

••• I’m sorry to hear that Hemlock is closing. It was one of my favorite restaurants, and I look forward to seeing where Diego Moya cooks next. —Eater

••• Shinola‘s first hotel opens in Detroit this fall. —Wall Street Journal