Seen & Heard: Inside Wisefish Poké

••• The Soho Garden Hotel at Canal and Broadway is either being painted white or primed to be painted another color—either way, a bummer to have the natural stone covered up.

••• While walking up to Café Altro Paradiso for dinner the other night—really good food, but the air conditioning needs to be fixed, stat—Adam and I were surprised to see that Gitano is deploying those water misters you tend to see in hot, dry climates. In a climate like ours, the last thing you want  is more humidity.

••• Someone recently asked if there was an update on Wisefish Poké, opening next to Dig Inn at 412 Greenwich (the Sterling Mason). As you can see below, it has a way to go. Generally, a restaurant doesn’t open for months, sometimes years, after it’s first announced.

••• I found a press release from February confirming that Thierry Despont leased 175 Franklin, next to Shinola, but I’m getting the sense that it’s more of a private gallery than a public one. Too bad! His art is worth checking out. And the website he used to have for showcasing it appears to have been taken down.

••• Davey’s Ice Cream has left Canal Street Market, to be replaced by Bonsai Kakigori, opening August 1. (“Kakigori is a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener, often condensed milk,” per Wikipedia.)

••• It’s a bit hard to see in this photo, but some of the windows at 108 Chambers have been installed. Here’s a rendering of the completed building.

••• Thanks to R. for sending this photo of an installation by Pascale Marthine Tayou at Richard Taittinger Gallery on Ludlow. You can imagine why he thought I’d find it of interest.



  1. Partial repainting only, per LPC.

    “DOCKET #: LPC-19-19850
    CNE CNE-19-19850


    “Pursuant to Section 25-306 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York, the Landmarks Preservation Commission hereby approves certain alterations to the subject premises as proposed in your application completed on June 08, 2018. The approved work consists of exterior work at select locations of the primary (Canal Street and Broadway) façades and roof, including replacing, repointing and repairing brick and limestone; patching limestone and terra cotta and performing Dutchman repairs (Cathedral Stone Jahn products); installing missing brick at the bulkhead brick parapets at the secondary courtyard elevations; and repainting horizontal limestone bands at the second, third and fourth floors to match existing; as shown in existing condition photographs; written specifications; and drawings A-001.00, A-100.00, A-200.00 and A-201.00 dated November 24, 2017 and last revised April 9, 2018, signed and sealed by Cheng-Sun Jefferson Chang, R.A., and submitted as components of the application.

    “With regard to this proposal, the Commission finds that the new brick and stone will match the existing in terms of size, color, texture and coursing, and that the new mortar will match the historic mortar in strength, color, texture, and tooling; that the specified pointing mortar will be compatible with the historic masonry in terms of composition, and will match the historic mortar in terms of color, texture, and tooling; that the patching compound will be compatible with the masonry in terms of composition and will match the historic masonry in terms of texture, finish, profiles and details; and that the proposed work will protect the building from damage due to water infiltration and aid in the long-term preservation of the building. Based on these findings, the work is approved.”

  2. Japanese shaved ice! Be still my heart!

  3. The kakigori is really good – not cheap, but really, really good. Much better than the ice cream was.