Seen & Heard: Arcade Bakery’s Summer Break

••• The Café Forgot pop-up at 165 Duane opens tomorrow night with a party from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The list of designers to be featured at the shop: “Alexa Stark, Alterita, Annabell Lee, Anna Pierce, Autobody Clothing, Bursa Bursar, By Tyler, Camille Beinhorn, Claire McKinney, CM Carney, Delicate Porcelain, Edie, Femail Forever, Francesca Longo, Helena Manzano, Jenny Balin, Jessica Butler, Kahle, Lena Greene, Lou Dallas, Marland Backus, Maroske Peech, Martina Cox, Mila Sullivan, Molly Rose Lieberman, Nandi Naya, Nicole Van Vuuren, Onea, Paid Actor, Piera Bochner, Poche, Ruth Kace, Sara Brooks, Sophie Andes-Gascon, Teva Livne and more!”

••• Today is your last day to stock up on bread at Arcade Bakery before it closes for its summer break. It reopens on September 5.

••• I went to Seamore’s the other day for lunch. It was my first experience with the chain, and I enjoyed the fish sandwich, but I do not condone sweet potato fries as the sole French-fry option. Here’s the menu for the to-go area, Seamore’s on the Fly.

••• There’s work going on inside the Laight Street storefront that’s part of 165 Hudson—Behr Thyssen seems to have left—and the Department of Buildings paperwork says that two sinks are being added. Hair salon? Dentist? UPDATE 8/4: Remington says it’ll be a hair salon.

••• If you like architecture, you must go see “Toward a Concrete Utopia,” the amazing MoMA show about architecture in the countries that used to be known as Yugoslavia. I loved it so much that I wished the archival photos had been much larger (the photos below, commissioned for the show, were huge); that we could’ve seen more interiors; and that the curators would’ve ditched the distracting video/sound installations.


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  1. Laight St storefront will be a hair salon.