Seen & Heard: More on the Kids Soliciting Donations

••• Despite what the kids soliciting donations at Greenwich and Duane told Chris, the president of the James Smooth Music & Leadership Institute denied that they’re doing it on the organization’s behalf: “The James Smooth Music & Leadership Institute does not accept donations in the form of cash in hand on the street,” emailed J Charles E Brown. “We have several options available through our online portal and follow a bevy of rules and regulations in order to maintain our fiscal viability. If you could, I’d really like your help in spreading the word to not provide donations to anyone claiming to accept cash donations on behalf of our company. JSMLI Inc. has a very honorable reputation in Brooklyn and is known for our championship trophies and performances throughout the city.” There’s a bigger lesson here, and it certainly applies to the charity muggers all over the neighborhood: When you give to a worthy organization, and you should, give directly.

••• Gorgeous drawing of a Tribeca construction site by Jedidiah Dore.

••• Thanks to S. for recommending I contact Hutter Auctions about getting an estimate for my grandfather clock. It’s not worth much, but the process was as easy as can be—you just email photos and they get right back to you.

••• Word had been that the former Emigrant Savings Bank at 261 Broadway was going to be a shoe store, but now it’s going to be a De Janeiro store—which makes one wonder whether the De Janeiro store at Church and Park Place is closing.

••• It appears that 50 Varick isn’t enough for Spring Studios—the production facility and event space has branded the former Maserati of Manhattan showroom at 1 York. I believe makeup brand Westman Atelier is still working out of there.

••• The new building at 606 Broadway (on the south side of Houston, between Broadway and Crosby) is nothing special from straight on, but from the west it’s pretty cool.



  1. After politely rejecting one of the kids soliciting for the James Smooth Music and Leadership school, the young man said, “I should shoot you, dumb bitch.” Real quiet, right in my ear. I yelled very loudly back at him, “Did you just threaten to shoot me?” Over and over until he walked away. I then told the people at Manhattan Youth because I was so shaken that I had to tell someone. Be careful people.

  2. Someone needs to call the cops on those super aggressive “Save the ____” kids outside Whole Foods or City Hall Park. They really can’t understand why I hate animals and children.

    • Agree mruptight, I walk by that area minimum 2-4 times a day. I love how surprised they are when I don’t donate. Sorry but when I do donate to charity it’s going to be tax deductible and less susceptible to fraud.

  3. like the construction site drawing. like all the comments.