Seen & Heard: Shake Shack Unveiled

••• The plywood is down from around the Shake Shack at Varick and Clarkson. (Thanks to B. for the photo.) Has anyone tried the new-ish veggie burger? (Not that mushroom thing.) I wish Shake Shack would use the Impossible Burger—it really was good, although I had it while dining outside in Napa, so other factors may have affected my enjoyment.

••• The sinkhole in front of the James Perse store on Church seems to be sucking in random objects. Why else would that sign be there, when you can clearly pass on the right?

••• Leave Not One Alive shot in the W. Broadway/White area yesterday—bringing this week’s shoots to three, so far. The film stars Melissa Leo: “After the sudden death of her son, Broadway actress, Lillian sets out to avenge his death. Slowly becoming unhinged and haunted by the characters she once played on stage.” Here’s hoping it’s a musical!

••• Adam had to go out of town unexpectedly, so I took myself to dinner at the bar at Manhatta on Sunday night. When I asked whether I could order from the main menu, I was told yes. After ordering an appetizer and entrée, I overheard a bartender tell another patron that you have to have all three courses—but when a different bartender brought my check, he said he had entered the dishes as à la carte. So I guess you should be prepared for anything. Two last thoughts: They’re trying a bit harder to make the vegetable entrée seem appealing (even if squash and zucchini rolled up together is bland on bland), and the wine pours are small enough that you should consider a bottle instead. For all these quibbles, the restaurant is still terrific and you should go.

••• I’ve seen “ghost bikes” around the city but never noticed a sign like this one on Walker.



  1. From the Green Book:

    1 Centre St., New York, NY, 10007
    (212) 602-7400

    1697 Broadway, 6th Fl., New York, NY 10019
    (212) 489-6710
    Fax (212) 307-6237

  2. The memorialized cyclist was probably 48-year-old Yan Jindee, who was run over by the driver of a box truck that turned onto Broadway from Walker St around 5:45 pm Thurs, Sept 14, 2017.

    More here:

  3. The bicycle memorial on Walker was installed in early June.

  4. There is a pretty good Impossible Burger at Mudville, if you’re looking for one in the neighborhood!