Seen & Heard: The City Skyline Over Time

••• The broker for 273 Church, where Souths was, released a rendering of how the building might be reimagined. Note the topper.

••• From H.: “I hear there’s a guy around 28 years old in a beige suit standing in the window of Battery Park Pediatrics for two-and-a-half days now. No one knows why he’s there. Police have come three times, supposedly, and he has said he’s fine and just waiting. He’s been out there since 4 a.m. two days ago.”

••• The German School Manhattan confirmed that it’ll be using the former Wicked Juice storefront around the corner at 88 W. Broadway. (The building is L-shaped.)

••• Press release: “Now open at The Skyscraper Museum, a ground-breaking exhibition devoted to the invention and evolution of Manhattan’s skyline, past, present, and future. Skyline examines the emergence of the collective image of the skyline as the brand identity of New York, but also distinguishes five periods in which new buildings grow and take characteristic forms based on economic, technological, and regulatory factors.” Click on the photo below: It’s Lower Manhattan as seen from the Brooklyn Bridge in 1876; photo by Joshua Beal, courtesy the New York Public Library. (I’m including a detail so you can get a sense of the richness of the image.)

••• “I read a while back in TC that an acting school for kids opened up in the neighborhood,” emailed S. “I’ve tried searching for it in your archives to no avail. Can you help? Can you remember?” That would have to be Spotlight Kids NY. And if you can’t find an old post, I’m always happy to help! The “search” function on the site works well, but it’s not like Google: It searches for the exact word(s) you enter, rather than the general idea. And if you’re searching for a phrase, put it in quotation marks or the results will include mentions of the individual words.



  1. Wow…that panorama is amazing. But I’m stymied to find a landmark I can identify…where’s City Hall? And what’s that huge domed thing in the background?