In the News: Tribecan Accused of Starving His Dog

••• “An investment banker was charged with starving his dog at his Tribeca pad, after his concerned ex-girlfriend brought the pup in for a check-up.” —New York Post

••• “A public meeting with hardly any public notice. Five proposals with no details on environmental impact or economic feasibility. And a planning process that an insider has doubts can determine the best storm surge protection plan for the city. Nearly six years after Hurricane Sandy swamped Lower Manhattan in seven feet of water and killed two in the district, this is where the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stands in its efforts to protect over 2,150 miles of New York and New Jersey shorelines from the next superstorm.” —Downtown Express

••• Interpol singer Paul Banks gives A Summer Day Café a plug in his Grub Street Diet. But I don’t know how I feel about this (which happened at a different restaurant): “I brought my own fake beer. Because, as I said, when I’m going that way, I need my fake beer. I had St. Pauli because that’s what I had in the fridge. I bring my own beer often: Whether or not a restaurant is going to keep my business really depends on how they react to me bringing my fake beer if they don’t already carry it. If I get any kind of flack, I say, ‘You just lost yourself a customer, my friend. And I am among the loyalest, once we get this thing going.'”

••• “The de Blasio administration kicked off the rezoning of Governors Island with the release of a key document today. A notice posted by City Hall advertises the plan’s first public hearing, which will take place next month as part of an environmental-review process. The rezoning aims to spur 4.5 million square feet of mixed-use development on the southern portion of the island. Officials hope it will attract some combination of tech and life-science firms, education institutions, dormitories and a convention center and hotel. ‘This is a chance to have both great public open space and great culture but also use development to give more people exposure to this amazing place,’ Alicia Glen, deputy mayor for housing and economic development, said in an interview.” The point of development is not to expose people to a place. It’s to make money. —Crain’s

••• “Massively popular LA sushi chain Sugarfish—where people still wait hours despite tepid reviews of the fish—is plotting a second location for New York City in Soho […] at 202 Spring St., at Sullivan Street.” —Eater

••• A recipe for “ssam” pork belly and avocado lettuce pockets by Noted Tribeca‘s chef, Steve Song. Actually, it’s only sort of a recipe, the primary step being “slow cook the pork belly,” but you could probably use any protein, cooked however you like. —The Independent



  1. Please keep reporting on the jails coming near our neigborhood. This is concerning and don’t feel that tribeca is rallying to stop.