Seen & Heard: Chipotle Closed for Renovations Again

••• What the heck is going on at the Chipotle at Greenwich and Murray? It underwent serious construction in April, and now it’s closed again (and being ripped apart). I’m waiting to hear back from the company’s media reps. UPDATE: I had a frustrating exchange with Chipotle’s reps at Linhart PR.

Linhart: Thanks for reaching out. We work on behalf of Chipotle and your inquiry was shared with us. We should have more specific information to share with you, likely later in September or early October. If we learn about any new updates between now and then, we’ll keep you posted.
Me: I’m sorry, I don’t understand. The restaurant will be closed until September or early October?
Linhart: The re-open date isn’t confirmed yet. We’ll keep you posted on that, though.
Me: So you can’t share what’s going on or how long the store might remain closed?
Linhart: Not at this time, no.

••• The new Champion store at Broadway and Howard is open. Smart of them to appeal to tourists with the NYC stuff. Thanks to J. for the pic.

••• Looks like something is happening in the former Papa Kitchen space at 178 Church.

••• The Best Western Chibeca, at 88 Walker, is well underway. It’ll be nine stories and, if the rendering is any indication, cheap-looking.

••• The tennis court at Brookfield Place will stay up beyond the recent USTA event: Join us for the 3rd annual Brookfield Place Tennis Open! Kickoff Celebration: Saturday 8/25. From 1-4 p.m., enter to win a chance to go head to head with tennis champions Lucas Pouille and John Isner, plus catch these stars in a special public match! Show off your skills on the court for prizes (and bragging rights) from 1-6pm. Open Court, Clinics & More: Sunday 8/26 – Friday 8/31. Play with pals on the court or refine your skills with a free clinics and kids camp!More info and registration for various stuff.



  1. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that this is/was one of the worst Chipotle locations ever. Check out the Yelp reviews. Dos Toros and El Vez are much better.

  2. Yes, that Chipotle has been horrible for the past few years. One time I went there the beans were so undercooked they were not actually chewable – like rocks. This was not a minute or too undercooked, this was *barely* cooked. When I went to tell them, they asked me if I wanted a new bowl with no beans. They were actually going to keep serving them to other people until I asked for a manager. The staff at that location is horrible and don’t know the first thing about customer service.

  3. Agree nasty! I live right around the corner from this location but used to make the walk over to Fulton when I used to eat Chipotle, cleaner and friendlier staff. Now prefer Dos Toros on Maiden Ln. so far have had better quality burritos than the one at Brookfield.

    Looking forward to Los Tacos – hopefully another option in this bleak neighborhood for takeout.