Seen & Heard: A Peek Inside Trader Joe’s

••• After getting word that Trader Joe’s is hiring for its Soho store, I figured I should wander by. A door was open—the interior is done, but there’s none of the company’s signature cornpone decor. Click on the second photo to get a better look.

••• I heard back from the media folks at Chipotle about the construction at 275 Greenwich: “They are doing some work on the HVAC system there and the restaurant will reopen when that is done.”

••• The Vitamin Shoppe at 108 Chambers (at Church) appears to be opening very soon. The adjacent Starbucks is still boarded up, so in the meantime, you’ll have to walk that long block to W. Broadway or two small blocks to Murray.

••• Citigroup has finally started working on the northern half of the eastern facade.

••• The plaza on the south side of the World Trade Center Oculus looks very close to being ready.

••• Shooting in the Greenwich/Canal area on Tuesday: what I’d wager is a Hyundai commercial.



  1. Any word what’s going into the recently vacant JCrew space on Prince St?