In the News: Keegan-Michael Key Bought Here

••• Actor Keegan-Michael Key bought at 56 Leonard. —Real Deal

••• “Liberty Island was evacuated Monday morning after a fire erupted there, according to the FDNY. Fire officials got the call around 11:50 a.m. that three propane tanks had burst into flames.” —New York Post

••• A Philadelphian goes on and on about how great the pretzels are at Philly Pretzel Factory, opening on Chambers.Eater

••• “London’s magic-themed cocktail class is expanding across the pond to the Financial District on Sept. 13. The Instagram famous pop-up, The Cauldron, is a nearly two hour course where budding wizards can brew concoctions inspired by fantasy novels and myths using molecular mixology.” (At CB1, it was presented as a “wizardy and sorcery school” that happened to offer drinks.) —Patch

••• New rendering of 25 Park Row, below; as seen from one block up Broadway (second photo below), it doesn’t quite block the hideous Beekman hotel condo tower. The cynic in me thinks that having the sun bounce off it like that is a way to hide the potentially cheap look of certain materials. Also, I don’t know that it’s entirely accurate to say that this tower is replacing J&R, which was mainly at 1 Park Row. —Curbed


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  1. Not to be uptight, but it is replacing the Music World site, which was it biggest section. One Park Row was only computers and software. And One Beekman replaces the Photography building. Knowing the lovely work that the Friedman’s are putting into 15 Park Row, I can guarantee you some cheap materials. Can anyone say gold spray paint?