In the News: Workaround to Save Birds from “Tribute in Light”

••• “We found that the Tribute in Light attracted bird densities at up to 150 times their normal levels on seven of nine Sept. 11 nights from 2008 to 2016 when weather conditions allowed for observation. We estimate that those light beams altered the migratory behavior of more than 1.1 million birds over those seven nights, putting them at risk of collision. So, how to avoid disaster? New York City Audubon has positioned trained volunteers armed with binoculars on the roof of a parking garage in Battery Park City, at the base of the tribute, to monitor aggregations of birds in the tribute light beams. If densities exceed more than 1,000 birds or if a bird is found dead, the lights are shut down to allow the birds to disperse.” —New York Times

••• Jalopnik’s Ryan Felton pokes around the plans GM Cruise has had to test self-driving cars in Lower Manhattan, with a base at 250 Hudson. “The NY DMV, which oversees test permits, doesn’t have records of GM’s application being discussed. Which is interesting, because the NY DMV told me today that: “The application and planning process are ongoing.” Cuomo’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment. […] So I filed a public records request with the NY DMV. Curiously, it has no records of any communications with GM on the permit process, dating back to Jan. 1.”

••• “About 20% of One World Trade Center remains empty four years after it opened. […] Last week, Durst Organization executives said they had backed out of negotiations with co-working company WeWork Cos. to take a big block of space because they had better offers.” —Wall Street Journal

••• The TD Bank at Broadway and Warren appears to have been robbed. Two others in the area were robbed in recent weeks. —Citizen NYC

••• “The World Trade Center Health Program recently opened a new clinic at 156 William Street Manhattan. Aimed specifically at survivors of the September 11th attacks, it is hoped that this new “surge clinic” will reduce the serious backlog that now exists in providing sick residents and office workers the treatment they need and deserve. It will also enable them to be certified for their WTC physical illnesses so that they can then receive the compensation that they are entitled to from the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.” —Downtown Express

••• “Flushing-based Joe’s Steam Rice Roll is bringing its wildly popular rice rolls to Chinatown’s Canal Street Market […] starting in mid-October.” The bad news is that it replaces Nom Wah Kuai, which is moving to a market on the Lower East Side. —Eater



  1. How is the Canal Street Market doing, by the way?
    Is it likely to survive as a venture?
    The food areas seem quite busy in the day time; the arts&crafts areas less so.

    Seems to me that it’s serving as a sort of de facto test site for new businesses and ventures on Canal Street. I do hope it succeeds.

  2. I don’t think the leasing has been that problematic at 1 World Trade. Being 80% leased after only being open for 4 years is pretty successful. Think about how long it took the twins to lease up.

  3. Mmmmm…in Chinese they call it Cherng Fun (at least in Cantonese) – which means essentially really wide rice noodle. Soooooo good. I hope they make it the Hong Kong way, with sesame sauce – you eat it with a tooth pick.