Loft Peeping: Candice Pool & Casey Neistat

Architectural Digest featured the Battery Park City home of Candice Pool and Casey Neistat; she’s a jewelry designer, he’s a YouTube personality (with office and “factory” on Broadway).

They bought the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath apartment at 2 River Terrace in the spring of 2017 and hired designer Daun Curry to give it a “Bohemian Aristocrat” vibe. “My home has to be the antithesis of the office,” Neistat told AD. “The chaos and roughness of the office has to be complemented by the friendliness and homeyness of where I live, which has gotten exponentially easier since Candice and I started living together.”

And even though they have a young daughter and another kid on the way, Pool said that she “didn’t want any aspect of having a toddler affecting how we decided to decorate.”

Michael Martin wrote the text, while Emily Gilbert took the photos, more of which are on Architectural Digest’s website.

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  1. How do they afford this??? They are both unemployed!

  2. Well she is a Jewelry designer.