Seen & Heard: Memorial Celebration for Oliver Allen

••• There will be a memorial celebration for Oliver Allen, Tribeca’s historian, on September 27. The info is below.

••• Cass Lilien is branching out: “Sacred Agents are the collaborative creations of jeweler Cass Lilien and healer Shlomete Yoo of TarotMama. ​They are sacred, energy-attracting talismans that have been charged under the full moon, infused with Reiki, and based on Tarot archetypes. They serve as vessels for your intentions, provide space for your cherished keepsakes, and become instruments of your hopes, dreams, and wishes. […] They are fashioned from sterling silver, brass, 14K gold, diamonds, semi-precious crystals, porcelain, and beeswax according to Shamanic Feng Shui principles. The metals and crystals channel positive energies, while the ceramic grounds them, and the facets of the crystals and beeswax function as negative energy filters. […] The Sacred Agents were born after Cass’s Tribeca atelier was robbed and vandalized in April of 2018. Synchronistically, as Shlomete read about the crime on a local blog, Tribeca Citizen, Cass reached out to her with a collaboration proposal to create personal shrines to help people sleep better. As evidence of her incredible resilience, Cass realized that this despicable act had propelled her to finally bring this idea to life!” They’re having an event Saturday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Cass’s shop on Harrison.

••• Next Thursday (September 24), the Four Seasons New York Downtown will celebrate its two-year anniversary with a balloon wall, if you’re looking for something new to pose against.

••• B. reports that foundation work is underway at 77 Charlton, the Toll Brothers City Living project that runs through to King (between Hudson and Varick), with two 15-story towers and 161 apartments. The sole rendering on the website is this dim one of the entrance.

••• E. shot this video of Robert Janz creating art at Church and Leonard—and also sent over a photo of the finished work.


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  1. Much thanx. Had no idea I was being observed (other than by the FBI, of course). I liked that particular flower. Didn’t last long before new posters buried it. C’est la V.