Blaue Gans Is Said to Be Closing

The unofficial word is that Blaue Gans is closing in the next week or two. Kurt Gutenbrunner’s Austrian-German restaurant opened at 139 Duane in late 2005, taking over—and leaving much of the decor—from Le Zinc. The fate of the space remains unknown, but I suppose it’s too much to ask that whoever ultimately moves in doesn’t touch the posters…. Anyway, stop by for one last bratwurst before it’s too late. UPDATE 9/22: Blaue Gans confirmed the closing.



  1. oh no. this is terrible.

  2. Oh man. I can’t take this anymore. I’m ok with the natural turnover, but the neighborhood is starting to feel gutted as institutions leave and nothing takes its place. City Hall has been empty for how long now?

  3. Very sorry to hear this – it’s a family favourite and we often stop in when back in the neighbourhood.

  4. Very sad, but not surprising. This place is mostly empty these days, even on the weekends. Bummer because I love this place.

  5. I will miss Blaue Gans terribly, as I missed Le Zinc. But worse, this will leave almost the entire north side of Duane Street east of West Broadway empty, a streetfront ghost town. We are turning into Dallas.

  6. I’m so sad to hear this, Blaue Gans is one of my favorite spots on our neighborhood – we have enjoyed so many great meals and evenings with friends there. What a loss!

    • Hi Tiffany,

      We are sad to leave too.
      We thank you for being loyal customer and your support over the years.
      Hope you will come visit us at our other restaurant Wallsé in the West Village.

      Best Regards,
      KG & BG Team

  7. So sad to see another business close. We love this place and if there is not a herculean effort to save the neighborhood we’ll soon see Casper the Ghost’s entire family, Duane Reades, banks and homeless people residing here.
    Balloon Saloon

    • Dear Sharon,
      It has been a pleasure to be your neighbor all these years and I thank you for your support and your kind words!
      Come visit me and enjoy my cooking at my other restaurant Wallsé.
      All the best,
      KG & BG team

  8. yes, i will miss blaue gans, too. we have had several memorable meals there.

    one thing that concerns me are the posters shellacked (is that the term?) to the walls of the restaurant. i believe they are left over from the le zinc days. many are of these are irreplaceable. i was impressed that kurt & team resisted removing them when they moved in. i hope whoever takes over the space manages to preserve them.

  9. Dear Kurt,

    I´m very sad to hear this.
    During my next visit I wanted to show this great place to my better half, where I´ve spend some special time and where I gathered great work-experience, 10 years ago, during my trainee-time at KGNY.

    We will come to Wallsé to visit you.
    All the best.

  10. I tried going last night – I had no idea. I’m devastated!! This was my favorite restaurant to go too. Such a loss I’m so bummed