In the News: Condo Board Screws Over Restaurant

••• Joseph Augustine, on the condo board at 52 Thomas, got Tribeca’s Kitchen‘s permit for sidewalk seating revoked, really screwing over the restaurant—independently owned by good people who have done a lot for the community over the years—and neither he nor his fellow board members will even talk about it. “Members of the condo board contacted by the Trib, including Augustine, did not respond to questions for this article.” (You may recall that the building’s residents were uncommonly difficult when Tribeca’s Kitchen applied for a liquor license.) —Tribeca Trib

••• Blaue Gans confirmed that it’ll close at the end of the month. —Eater

••• WWD visits Tribeca artist Peter Tunney.

••• The old subway station under City Hall. —Broadsheet



  1. Sad to hear about the outdoor seating situation at TK. It is one of the few solid unpretentious spots left in the nabe for a casual family meal.

    • Typical entitled condo owners. This is what happened at the building at Laight and Greenwich. Would have been a great new restaurant there. If we continue letting nimbys rule, there won’t be any dining options left in the neighborhood.

      • Poor Andy if this is the same Joeseph Augustine: Mr. Augustine represents the owners of a luxury condominium in Tribeca in their successful lawsuit and seven-figure settlement against the project’s developer, architect and construction team for various defects in the design and completion of the project.

  2. Why would the condo board do this? How does Tribeca Kitchen having outdoor seating impact them negatively? I just don’t get it. The owner Andy is a wonderful guy and his restaurant is SO good for the neighborhood. He deserves better.

  3. Wow that sucks for Tribeca’s Kitchen!

    I remember when Print Facility was on the 3rd floor of 200 Church. I miss my old Tribeca.

  4. This is a unique restaurant. A friendly place to take the family for a good meal. The neighborhood needs to have this kind of restaurant survive and prosper. I always feel welcome and when something like this occurs I have visions of “ commercial space available” followed in a year or two by a bank renting the space.

  5. Please give you neighbors a break. You don’t know all the facts, and speaking from experience the Tribeca Trib will only print the side of a story it agrees with. Allowing alcohol is a slippery slope. Anyone who has lived across from or above a noisy restaurant/bar can attest to the problem they can sometimes cause, even the good neighbor restaurants. So please lighten up.

  6. Since Consumer Affairs did not revoke the permit, LPC was foolish to revoke their permit, which in this case is a mere formality because they are not altering the sidewalk but just placing tables and chairs there within a landmark district. Just because their permit form says “owner means condo officer must sign” does not mean said form is consistent with the Landmarks Law, which defines owner as “any person or persons having such right to, title to or interest in any improvement so as to be legally entitled, upon obtaining the required permits and approvals from the city agencies having jurisdiction over building construction, to perform with respect to such property any demolition, construction, reconstruction, alteration or other work as to which such person seeks the authorization or approval of the commission pursuant to section 25-309 of this chapter.” Department of Consumer Affairs apparently did not revoke their cafe permit, which was presumably obtained by the same signer.

    Further, did LPC examine and revoke all the other permits they issued at this building where the signer was authorized but not a condo officer? How about DOB? Maybe they should do so.

    This board member is also exposed to liability here if there are other LPC or DOB permit applications that were similarly signed on a regular and ongoing basis (with permission of the board) by authorized signers who were not strictly speaking officers. Why is the restaurant being singled out now when this may have been the practice for years in this building by all condo owners?

    • LPC is one of the worst agencies in NYC, inconsistent, erratic and in many cases unfathomable in their decisions. I hope their ruling can be reversed. Meanwhile, let’s patronize and support Tribeca’s Kitchen.

  7. We cant believe the condo board would do something like this especially when its approved community board. We are regular patrons of this Tribeca’s Kitchen. Andy has provided the environment that is desired in our neighborhood.

  8. Support tribeca kitchen!!! They are a life safer than to eat at a fast food chain. They are concern because of the liquor? Excuse me these are not rowdy patrons. It’s local diners and family locals. The condo board at Thomas street are idiots.
    Rather have them there with lighting and people then the already homeless situation where the homeless are shacking up on the VACANT empty store fronts.

  9. I LOVE Tribeca Kitchen – the food is alway super fresh and the staff treats me like a princess. Andy has been feeding this neighborhood for decades and deserves our support.
    I am having trouble wrapping my head around what issue the condo board might have, could it be that the sidewalk patrons are smoking?

  10. the board-owners should be embarrassed…such losers in that bldg in my book. we have so many issues in this world and they have nothing to do but block businesses from making additional money. all these people above tribeca kitchen only care about themselves. who gives a crap as its not even close to their entrance. Not one of these rich owners lived on church street during 9/11 and have no idea how nice thier sister diner was during that crisis. its was not only closed down for months they went above and beyond to help anyone that walked in when it was open….And not only that church st is the ugliest street in tribeca and business are goign out of business everyday. Why dont you think really hard about it as the sidewalk tables make the street a little nicer….get a life people or get the hell out of city and live your boring life in the burbs.
    Ask me how i really feel…

  11. I stand with Tribeca kitchen. We frequent the restaurant and the owner is the kindest and warmest man around. Please do not ruin another locally owned business!

  12. All great comments. Having outdoor seating is the lifeblood of a restaurant. But nobody will backtrack I am sure and I hate the fact that a few people can ruin somebody’s business because they have the power to say no.

  13. I cannot wait to see the day when these condo board people who are so worried about their investment wish to sell but realize that their actions backfired. After all, who would want to pay astronomical prices to live in a deserted and depressing ghost town? Karma is a bitch.

  14. I feel the same as so many of the people who commented here. I go to Tribeca’s Kitchen very often and it’s always a great experience. Andy is a lovely man and the staff are all so caring. I thought the outdoor tables made the corner more attractive. I wonder if there is a way to resurrect this and have a different decision.

  15. Tribeca’s Kitchen is great. Andy is such a kind and wonderful gentleman in so many different ways. I cannot image he was unresponsive to any reasonable request or complaint that the residents in the building may have had about this establishment. The actions taken by the board just seem to be hurtful and selfish. If there is another side to the story, I think we would all love to hear it.

  16. Shame shame shame on the condo board members! Like many who have written wonderful things about Andy and his staff at Tribeca’s Kitchen, me and my husband eat there on a daily basis! We feel like family when we are greeted and fed like family! We also enjoyed the outdoor seating while it lasted! It gave us an option! There are many restaurants in the sea why can’t Andy have that option? Who is he hurting by having tables outside, if anything he is bringing more business to the area! And as a business owner myself in TriBeCa I support local
    Businesses! I hope the condon board members change their
    decision! Team Andy!!