Bakery Chain to Kick Off Massive Expansion Here

S. spotted signage for Just Baked! Nowakowski (presumably a.k.a. Just Baked!) at 88 W. Broadway, most recently the site of Wicked Juice + Kitchen. It took me by surprise, because while compiling the 2018 storefront census, I asked the German School of Manhattan if it’s using the storefront—the building is L-shaped, with frontage on Warren and W. Broadway—and the answer was yes. (I should’ve asked in German….) Anyway, if Just Baked! sounds familiar, it’s likely because the Polish company is also opening a store inside the World Trade Center Oculus. And according to a Real Deal article from June—which confirms the Tribeca outpost—the company has “a bold plan to open 50 stores in New York, signposting a direct challenger to French bakery Maison Kayser.” (Bear in mind that nearly every burgeoning chain makes a statement along these lines.) The above photo, courtesy Just Baked!’s Instagram, is from two months ago, so an opening may be imminent.



  1. Well, Baked on Church St will always be the original and hopefully this new chain will help, not hurt their business.

  2. I hope it doesn’t hurt Baked. I love that place! The names being so close could cause some market confusion though.