Seen & Heard: Change Is Afoot at Greca

••• Just Baked! Nowakowski put up signage for its forthcoming bakery at 88 W. Broadway.

••• Greca appears to be morphing into ANA by Greca. The website calls it Greca Live, “a unique entertainment experience blending food and music, bringing Greek culture to the next level,” while clicking the “book now” button leads to a page where it’s referred to as a “Greek nightlife experience,” although there’s no mention of a price. On Instagram, there’s the second photo below, which hints that the music will be more traditional than contemporary. And on Facebook, the restaurant promises “a new menu, new layout, and a completely unique experience. Enjoy the music with our new food and cocktail menu bringing the experience to the new level.

••• If, like me, the signage at 121 Varick has made you wonder what Ryot is—because “an innovation studio of the future” isn’t all that illuminating—the website says it’s “a next generation motion picture studio telling stories that move the world,” and it’s part of Oath, a Verizon subsidiary that’s basically an ad agency. It must kill them to have to be at; a smoking-paraphernalia company has

••• The Downtown Alliance’s latest newsletter rounds up three new boxing/kickboxing gyms in FiDi: “Bout Fight Club, at 139 Fulton Street, is a boutique boxing gym designed to make the sport more welcoming to participants of every age and skill level (kids welcomed). iLoveKickboxing at 4 Dutch Street teaches programs that include upper and lower body workouts that get the pros in shape. Gloveworx makes its East Coast debut at the Oculus. This club combines boxing with strength and conditioning in group classes or one-on-one sessions.” Clicking through to the blog post, we learn that Gloveworx is “overlooking the PATH terminal.”

••• I don’t have feelings either way about the design of 570 Broome (the location is another story…), but it deserves credit for doing something with its lot-line walls.



  1. I liked Greca. The breakfasts especially were light and delicious. I worked there in the mornings, as did a number of other people, until they told us that they didn’t want that. So I have t been back.

  2. Thought GRECA was always meant to be a lounge with late evening music etc. Love the place now during the day but did feel that the evening dining options were very limited. Sounds like this will help finish the picture.
    Very happy to have them in our immediate neighborhood

  3. Love to have breakfast at Greca on the weekends–hope it isn’t going away and that the Greca Live/ANA Greca is just a change for the evening hours? More information would be great as you find it out!

  4. The space is great but who crafted the menu? It’s awful. They don’t serve real food.