The Smile Newsstand Has Closed

Thanks to R. for the heads-up that the Smile Newsstand inside the Shinola flagship on Franklin Street has closed. The note inside—I forgot to take a photo—didn’t say much other than the café had been around for four years, although I count it as five.

My first thought upon hearing the news was that the building must’ve been sold; it was listed in April for $23 million. (The listing is no longer online.) But when I stopped by the Shinola store, the staffer said the store will be expanding into the front, where the Smile Newsstand was. Time will have to tell, because neither Shinola, the Smile, nor the listing broker returned an email. Either way, it’ll be a shame to lose the beautiful cabinetry.


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  1. Too bad, great coffee spot and very nice staff but I don’t think many even knew it was there.