Seen & Heard: Gentleman’s Barber Spa Has Opened

••• Back in March, the Smyth hotel indicated that it would be changing its name to AKA Tribeca, even though AKA is an extended-stay brand and the rooms at the Smyth don’t have kitchens (in which case it’s not clear what the difference is between a normal hotel and an extended-stay one). Then came the second thoughts. Now the hotel has changed its mind again, and the new have-it-both-ways name is AKA Smyth Tribeca.

••• Gentleman’s Barber Spa is now open (in the former Birdbath space at Church and Thomas).

••• A reader sent in evidence of progress at the Cast Iron House sidewalk.

••• “Law & Order: SVU” is back in the usual Broadway/Chambers are tomorrow.

••• I had heard that Weill Cornell was opening an eye-care center at the W. Broadway corner of 40 Worth, but the signage mentions pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, and primary care. (I emailed the press contact for Weill Cornell but never heard back.) Anyway, the foot traffic should be good for local businesses.



  1. Am I the only one who loves the stark contrast between Gentleman’s Barber Spa and the objectification of women RazzleDazzle? Finally saw someone in there, though he looked like he was being paid to be there.

  2. The Weill Cornell medical facility has been at 40 Worth Street for years (pretty much after NYP purchased NY Downtown Hospital). Great service and staff. I moved uptown and still travel downtown to see a few doctors at that office (and to also get a snack at the Arcade bakery).

    • What’s the new stuff on the ground floor? Or is it all just moving within the building?

      • I take it there is just signage for the facility as many people don’t even know it’s there. I would be really surprised if they are going to rebuild the offices from the 4th floor of the building where they currently are to the ground floor.

        • Currently the Weill Cornell offices are all contained on the 4th Floor so maybe the Eye Care Center is still a go or maybe creating a separate entrance. Great practice the whole family has consolidated to 40 Worth.

      • My physician, who’s on the 4th floor, told me that as far as she knew, the Weill Cornell Ophthalmic center will occupy the ground floor.

        The system has built a lot of new facilities in the neighborhood, within existing structures. They have a new imaging center on Beekman street that’s terrific.

        • The imaging center on Brennan is great. They have a locker room similar to what you’d find at Equinox or Flywheel. On the way out, patients get goody bags with snacks. Obviously I hope no one NEEDS their services, but if you do, it’s not a bad place to get it done.

    • Wish they were expanding. Heard great things about the doctors but could not get an appointment as a new patient for weeks nor even a sick kid new patient visit. Office staff was horrible…

  3. I, on the other hand, travel uptown from here to see doctors in the Weill Cornell system. I’d love to have a good one down here. Anyone willing to recommend a primary care doc (happy to do this offline — maybe Erik would be willing to facilitate an exchange of emails if anyone agrees)?

    • I’ve started seeing Dr. Freda Gu, whose offices are located at 145 Chambers Street, and she’s great – highly recommended, and right in the neighborhood!