The Likely Name and Operator of the Northwest Tribeca Hotel

A press release announcing an “$85 million construction loan commitment” has more information on the hotel under construction at 456 Greenwich (at Desbrosses). We already knew that the 94,000-square-foot property will have 96 rooms. Here’s what’s new:

••• A hint about who will operate it: “A 106-year, premier hospitality group among the largest operators of 5-star luxury hotels and casinos in Europe will share its flagship hotel’s name, sophistication and exclusive service. The group is expected to be revealed as part of a branding effort that will commence in the spring of 2019.” The problem with doling out hints to someone like me is that if I can’t crack the puzzle, I’ll find someone who can. “My guess would be Groupe Lucien Barrière—actually, I’m 99.9% sure I’m right,” said a friend who knows a lot about luxury travel. “They have multiple casinos in Europe, and they operate hotels. And they started in 1912 so that gives you 106 years. Quite interesting if they are moving into the U.S. market, actually.” The group has 18 hotels, all in France, with the exception one in Morocco and one on St. Barts. The flagship would appear to be Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s in Paris—making the Tribeca hotel Le Fouquet’s New York, which the company has trademarked.

••• The plans have long said there will be six food and beverage outlets. We now know that a big name is attached: “A record-number Michelin star restaurateur is also contracted to oversee dining in the Hotel, including the New York manifestation of an iconic European institution in operation since the 1800s.” That last clause is another hint pointing toward Le Fouquet’s: The main restaurant at the hotel is Fouquet’s, established in 1899. The chef currently overseeing Le Fouquet’s is Pierre Gagnaire, whose namesake Paris restaurant has three Michelin stars. The “record” mentioned in the release, however, is a mystery. Perhaps Gagnaire isn’t onboard for this location? The living chef to have received the most stars is Alain Ducasse, but I don’t see him following Gagnaire.

••• We already knew that the architect is Stephen B. Jacobs; we now know Martin Brudnizki Design Studio is handling the interiors. The company also designed the Beekman hotel.

••• The release says that construction will be finished in both the summer and fall of 2020 (when in doubt, go with the later date), “with the opening of the restaurants anticipated to be immediately thereafter.”

DPW Holdings—which is one of the developers, along with Mactaggart Family & Partners and Caspi Development—has this time-lapse video on its site showing the previous week’s activity at the site. Below it you’ll find some interior renderings that surfaced in August.


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  1. Ironically that time lapse video shows that exactly zero activity occurred during the previous week. I guess that is what a DOB “stop work order” implies. I am estimating that the 2020 completion will not be met, at this rate.