Acclaimed Yakitori Restaurant to Open Here

We already knew that a Japanese restaurant is opening at 94 Reade, formerly Tribeca Treats, but the notice posted in the window has quite a bit more info. (Thanks to M. for the photo.) It’ll be an outpost of Torishin, a yakitoriya that was on the Upper East Side from 2007 to 2015, before moving to Hell’s Kitchen.

A yakitoriya is a restaurant dedicated to yakitori, or skewered and grilled chicken. From the notice at 94 Reade: “The cuisine Tori Shin translates to ‘True Chicken’ in Japanese. Torishin remains the only yakitoriya directly linked to a highly respected and successful yakitoriya in Tokyo.” This would appear to be referring to Miyashin, where Torishin founder worked for a yakitori master named Inomata. “The restaurant specializes in Bincho-tan (charcoal cooking). Tori Shin is the only bona fide yakitoriya (chicken griller) with over 40 unique chicken skewers offered to customers using only organically grown chicken and the freshest ingredient. The new Reade Street restaurant will continue the tradition.”

Last year, the New York Times gave Torishin a three-star rave: “Just a few skewers are enough to expand your sense of what’s possible in the department of chicken.”

The restaurant will present at the Community Board 1 Licensing Committee meeting on November 14.