Seen & Heard: Seven Shoots in Seven Days

••• Make no mistake: Regardless of the debate about to what extent the public should be able to use the Citi dock at Pier 25, it’s already under construction. (Thanks to the reader who sent this photo over.)

••• Good news: The sidewalk at the northeast corner of Church and Leonard has been poured, so it should reopen soon.

••• The Chipotle at Greenwich and Murray was supposed to reopen September 30, but that sign was taken down a while ago. (Now it just says, “Closed.”) Here’s a peek inside. There’s no point asking the PR folks about it, because they were oddly evasive last time.

••• Jennifer said that a worker said the piping under the Jeff Koons sculpture in front of 7 World Trade was being fixed, and that the sculpture would be returning. But the fountain has been turned back on, with the sculpture is still gone, so I checked in again with Silverstein Properties. According to a rep, the sculpture is being “refurbished and refinished,” with its return date TBD.

••• The hoist at 111 Murray is being taken down, so perhaps the building is finally getting finished.

••• Six Seven upcoming shoots, four of which are hidden with aliases:

—”The First Wives Club” today at Church/Walker today.
—”Law & Order: SVU” in the usual Broadway/Chambers spot on Friday.
—”JMP” at Greenwich/Laight on Monday.
—Cinq Productions at Church/Chambers on Monday.
—”Commercial” at Broadway/Chambers on Tuesday.
—Something going by “TGF” (“The Good Fight”?) at Church/Reade on Wednesday.

UPDATE: I added “Search Party” at Walker/Cortlandt Alley today.