Suspicious Package Found in the Tribeca Grill Building

From 1010 WINS: “A suspicious device similar to ones sent to former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, other politicians and CNN HQ was found outside of Tribeca Grill in Manhattan Thursday morning, police said. The restaurant located at 375 Greenwich Street is owned by several people including Robert De Niro […] a frequent critic of President Donald Trump.” As I wrote a year ago: “I keep a running search on Twitter on the word ‘Tribeca,’ and it pains me to inform you that the creepy far right is so angry at Robert De Niro for being vocally anti-Trump that quite a few people (or Russian bots, because it feels like a coordinated attack) have been floating out the theory that Harvey Weinstein and De Niro run a brothel/sex ring/“place set up for assaulting women” out of the Tribeca Grill. Let’s hope that this doesn’t end with a nutjob firing an assault rifle there.” The only change I’d make to that is to delete “far”—there is no center right anymore. (Photo by Mike Dudas.)

UPDATE from the New York Post: “Security personnel at Tribeca Productions—a film and TV production company co-founded in 1989 by De Niro at the same location—notified police of the package at about 5 a.m. […] The package was located on the seventh floor of 375 Greenwich St, police said. There was no need for an evacuation because the building was unoccupied. The package had a return address of the Florida office of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. […] The NYPD Bomb Squad removed the device at 6:30 a.m. and transported it to the police range at Rodman’s Neck in the Bronx.”



  1. This is ridiculous and so frustrating. I wish moderate conservatives (we know there are Trump supporters in Tribeca) would really stand up and vocally start criticizing this sort of insanity. The left can’t say or do anything on this front to stop the conspiracy theory followers, but maybe those who supported the politicians who are fueling this might want to interject.

    • I don’t think anyone can say or do anything to persuade idiots from doing what idiots do. The silver lining is that there’s absolutely no chance this person(s) will get away.

      • Trump supporters in our midst have a moral responsibility to lodge their disapproval in whatever channels they have. There are several nursery schools in the vicinity of Tribeca Grill, and we live in a population dense area. It’s not enough for them to shrug their shoulders.

    • Was walking across the street from the media coverage and saw several folks trying to get camera time with signs that said “Hoax”. This is what we’ve come to.

  2. I am very surprised with all our intelligence and law enforcement the person or persons have not been apprehended already. That is just puzzling to me.