Seen & Heard: Another Card-Only Café

••• I meant to include this yesterday but forgot: SeriouslyNY spotted this costume in Tribeca, and I think it’s brilliant (and he’s that much less likely to get hit by a car).

••• And after posting yesterday about the progress of 45 Park Place as seen from the east, I noticed it from the north, where it has crested over the nearby buildings. Tribeca is going to look like a mid-match chessboard, with powerful pieces scattered here and there, looming over the pawns.

••• Opening today at Postmasters: “NSFW, a two person exhibition of sexually explosive and explicit paintings by Ana Benaroya and Tina Lugo. Fearless, uninhibited, and in charge, both artists deliver a concentrated dose of female power, kink and erotic passion. Their vital painting energy throws off the constraints of prevailing gender identities, leaving humor and horror free to get it on. Not Safe For Work indeed.” Also: “Glamour Modeling—our first solo exhibition with Toronto-based new media artist Alex McLeod. Born in 1984, McLeod is an artist concerned with simulation and the transition of matter. His digitally rendered characters and environments have an air of uncanny familiarity to anyone who’s ever virtually set foot inside a video game.” Below: Benaroya’s “Butting Heads” and Lugo’s “Puppy Play.”

••• Spring Place, the private club at Spring Studios on Varick, has opened an outpost in Beverly Hills. The press release.

••• Meanwhile, while walking by the Fulton Center the other day, I was struck how homeless people were sitting all along the windows on the Fulton side. Perhaps that’s why Westfield has been loathe to add more benches to the World Trade Center mall.

••• Speaking of the WTC mall, we can add Epicerie Boulud to the list of businesses that no longer take cash. Below: the delectable palmier, although I recall the ones at Bouley Bakery (or whatever it was called when it was a bakery) more fondly.

••• “Search Party” shot in the Broadway/Walker area yesterday.



  1. What is the card only cafe? By card only do you mean no cash? Sounds like a stupid question I know.

  2. I’ve been told at a few establishments as I’m paying with cash, “we prefer card payment.” As the customer, I prefer to patronize businesses that accept the whatever form of payment I’m offering for goods and services that are abundantly available in this great city.

  3. The newly opened Blue Park Kitchen at 70 Pine also only accepts Credit Cards.

  4. The Fulton Center has been like that since it opened. I have seen men taking their pants off (twice), at least one fist fight, and a long list of really aggressive crazy scary stuff. Isn’t there a security guard, you ask? Best place to look is the passage between Neuhaus and John Street. He may even look up from his cell phone if you tell him about an incident.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with why there’s so little seating in the Oculus (they keep adding more there as you mentioned in a recent post). The Fulton Center is a dark, dismal, depressing place with no security and some people feel comfortable with that.