Koh’s Kids Is Moving or Closing

The other major “store for rent” news this week, along with the J. Crew Liquor Store, is Koh’s Kids at 311 Greenwich. The space has been on the market for while, but while the listing used to say it was available sometime during the third quarter of this year, it now has the more specific date of January 2019. I stopped by to inquire whether the store is relocating—a similarly small space (525 square feet) with high parental foot traffic would be hard to find, unless the retail at Independence Plaza comes out of hibernation—but the staffers said they know nothing.

Designer Grace Koh founded the store in 1995, and she retired and sold it to Jared Levine of Jamari International, an importer/distributor of various high-end children’s fashion brands, in the summer of 2015.



  1. Brooklyn Game Lab is opening a new location in Tribeca according to a post in a parenting group on Facebook. Don’t know the exact location though…

  2. I loved Koh’s Kids. For years I bought terrific gifts for my friends’ little ones there. I must say that I preferred it when Grace was there. The new shop’s merchandise was too “edited,” too spaced out and too over-the-top expensive. Grace Koh had great shop windows — those little dogs all lined up — and great sales, making the merchandise accessible to those of us who are not investment bankers.