Seen & Heard: Alejandra Alonso Rojas Pop-Up

••• Designer Alejandra Alonso Rojas is opening a pop-up at 62 White tomorrow (through December 5). From the release: “Product offerings will include the brand’s signature handwoven knits, eco-conscious cashmere pieces, luxe tailored leather looks and shearling trimmed outerwear, all cast in rich earthy tones from the fall and resort collections. Exclusive services include custom tailoring and embroidery to personalize each purchase made. In addition, Alejandra will introduce her first unisex piece: the His & Hers sweater, a cashmere knit inspired by love with the intent to be shared between couples and friends, which will be sold exclusively at the pop-up.” Also: “The raw space will be furnished with one of a kind, vintage European and American furniture from the 1920s-1950s, re-upholstered by Alejandra herself and available for purchase throughout the duration of the pop-up.”

••• “Didn’t Gitano promise to shelter all those palm trees somewhere warm for the winter before frost arrives?” asks M. “They are still there as of a couple of days ago, and snow is coming today.” My husband was wondering the same thing the other day. I tried emailing Gitano, but last time I did that, the PR rep took a month to respond.

••• From Jamie Propp: “On Wednesday, November 28, I am proud to present ‘Opera + Jazz/Soul,’ with special guest, Jazz legend Patience Higgins on saxophone. Out of the Box Opera and artistic director David Lefkowich, who conceived and directed the entire program, present amazing, young opera singers in non-traditional venues, bringing the best elements of this oft-under-appreciated musical form closer to diverse, new audiences. There is no cover, but Out of the Box Opera is a 501(c)(3) not-profit corporation, and we encourage you to make a tax-deductible donation.” It’s at the 75 Club on Murray; RSVP here. Love the graphic:

••• “Looks like something is moving in to 375 Broadway,” emailed a different M. “Any idea what it is?” All I know is that it’s someone local who has to move and doesn’t want it made public yet.

••• Opening tomorrow at Sapar Contemporary: “Abstracting Materiality, a two-person painting exhibition of Wyn-Lyn Tan (Singapore) and Roya Farassat (Iran/US). In the work of Wyn-Lyn Tan and Roya Farassat tornadoes, horizons, and faces emerge and disappear, with the tension between recognition and mirage building as one moves among sets of their works and each other’s.”


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  1. Erik, Thanks for posting about Opera+Jazz on November 28th. I hope that friends and neighbors from the community will come out for a relaxed and fun evening of wonderful music. It’s also a great chance to check out the best kept secret in Jazz – The 75 Club at 75 Murray Street!