Seen & Heard: Philly Pretzel Factory Appears Closed

••• John reports that the Philly Pretzel Factory outpost on Chambers has closed after just a month. I’m out of town, so I emailed him to ask if there was a sign posted, but I haven’t heard back yet. And I tried the company’s main email address and its PR reps, to no avail. The location does not show up on the company’s website. UPDATE: “Philly Pretzel Factory has closed in the midst of a store transfer at our TriBeCa/Chambers Street location in Manhattan,” is the official statement. I think that means that the franchise is changing hands, and that it’ll reopen.

••• E. sent this over on Sunday, and I forgot to post it yesterday. Here’s hoping King has already been found.

••• My husband, Adam, was asking whether food-cart garages like the one that used to be on Church still exist. A few days later, I walked by one at 55 Ann….

••• Another fantastic work by Jedidiah Dore.

••• And two wonderful paintings of 56 Leonard by artist Zannah Noe, as part of her “American Bones” art project. One is a study for “a six-foot painting of this beautiful skyscraper,” she wrote. “I would love folks to visit my Instagram, @Americanbones to follow along with this process. I plan to do a series of 56 Leonard in paint, charcoal, and in my series of ArtMail postcard subscriptions.”



  1. Pretty sure there’s a food cart garage next to Merchant’s House Museum too.

  2. There’s a food cart garage on Thompson St. btw Wats and Grand

  3. Hoping for the return of the Pretzels! I didn’t even get a chance to try them yet!