Seen & Heard: Pizzeria Name Change

••• Remember how Andrew Kreps Gallery is opening at 394 Broadway, but using the entrance at 22 Cortlandt Alley? Here’s what it looks like now. Embrace the dinge while it lasts, because the development/gentrification of Cortlandt Alley is happening fast: The Walker Hotel Tribeca will have a bar entrance next door; Au Cheval is across the street; 6 Cortlandt Alley condominium is on the next block; and of course there’s Mmuseumm….

••• Tribeca Mom noticed that Dona Bella Pizza (at Church and Chambers) has become Little Italy Pizza. The owner said he merged with Little Italy last week, but ownership remains the same.

••• Fatherly, “the leading digital media brand for dads,” has a pop-up at 140 W. Broadway (December 6-9): “Come experience the reveal of Fatherly’s 100 Best Toys of 2018 [and] a jam-packed activity schedule filled with musical performances, storytime and arts & crafts that’ll entertain parents and kids alike. And on Sunday, stop by for a free picture with Santa!” UPDATE: It’s at 140 W. Broadway, not Broadway.

••• Rumor was that Barnes & Noble’s Tribeca store would close at year end, so it’s good news that the holiday hours posted include January dates. Also, there are two events in 2019 on the store calendar (January 7 and February 6).

••• The opening of Takeshi sushi restaurant is a bright spot on the west end of Grand Street. To the east of Takeshi, all on the north side of the street, are five vacant storefronts….



  1. I would hope they will keep the graffiti and atmosphere back there- adds quite a bit of charm, but we will see. Doubt that shed will be going anywhere soon.

    Also, Donna Bella and Little Italy were pretty close with their pizza preparation but Donna Bella was always quite a bit better. Hopefully that continues, def my favorite slice.

  2. Your Blog site will be missed by me and others. You really seem to have the inside info before pack. I hope someone picks it up,

  3. Little Italy pizza on Park Place has better food than Church Street, unless Frank is going to run both places.

  4. Noooo! Dona Bella was my favorite go to Pizza spot! I was lucky to try it before I moved to WA. I will miss it, I really hope Little Italy pizza is just as good.