Seen & Heard: Go Caroling With Torly Kid

••• Adam said he wanted some paperwhites for the holiday season, so I picked up a pot at Whole Foods, and that was a mistake: It looked OK in the store, but at home the leaves immediately drooped all over. So then I went over to Downtown Florist on Murray, where I bought a beautiful pot of them. Support local businesses!

••• Torly Kid‘s annual caroling jaunt is December 16.

••• Something going by “MF” shot on Walker over the weekend.

••• Pen Parentis’s December literary salon is all about food, with five food writers, including John Donohue, who has been drawing New York City restaurants. December 18; RSVP here.

••• V. sent over a sign from Asphalt Green that those of us with a sophomoric sense of humor will appreciate.


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  1. Downtown Florist is run by a very nice guy who almost always has great orchids and lilies as well as the usual roses, etc.

    And I think he could use the support. He’s doing business on an expensive block. With Langdon’s gone it’s especially nice to have him around.