Seen & Heard: Is 56 Leonard’s Sculpture Ever Showing Up?

••• “People associated with 56 Leonard seem to have no idea when the Kapoor sculpture will be installed,” emailed R. “Tribeca Citizen last wrote about the delay ten months ago. Do you have any updates?” Nope. Any residents care to share what they might have heard from the building? Kapoor himself bought at 56 Leonard. Maybe he’ll chime in.

••• Brooklyn Game Lab says its Tribeca outpost at 119 Chambers will have a grand opening party on February 10. There appears to have been no work done inside, though. UPDATE: I was confused as to which storefront it is. The windows are papered so I have no idea what it looks like inside.

••• “Everything is in the works,” said a rep for Philly Pretzel Factory when I asked if there was really any chance of it reopening. But that was all I got.

••• Mystery #1: “Gorgeous Ceramics by Len Carella in the shop today – 60 Hudson,” posted Elevator to the Noir on Instagram. Another post mentions “Technic 1200 [turntable] + a selection of Vinyl coming soon.” 60 Hudson is the Western Union Building, and there’s no such shop at street level. I poked around online at the person behind Elevator to the Noir is Leigh Stackpole of Alumnae, so maybe she’s opening another shop…?

••• Mystery #2: The Consort sign at 155 Duane finally came down, only to be replaced by the icon for Wheelhouse. The sign on the door directs people to the door to the right, and when you peek inside the picture window, you can see Consort’s stuff still in there. Wheelhouse didn’t respond to a request for more info, and there’s nothing online about it other than that there are offices in L.A., New York, and, er, Stamford.


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  1. I heard from an Artist friend of mine that they are having a horrible time with the seaming of the piece…