In the News: Park Place Building Collapse

••• “A vacant building collapsed in Lower Manhattan early Friday morning, sending chunks of debris crashing through nearby scaffolding and forcing evacuations. It happened at 21 Park Place around 3:30 a.m. The deputy fire chief, who says while you cannot see much damage from the outside building, all five floors inside this building collapsed.” 21 Park Place, the former home of Tent & Trails, was said to be unstable after the construction of 19 Park Place. —ABC

••• “The much-anticipated Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center has passed several new milestones on the road from vision to completion in recent days. Last week, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation allocated an additional $89 million to cover construction costs for the project.” The opening is now estimated to be in 2021.” Lots of renderings here.Broadsheet

••• Perfume/candle company Le Labo is opening at 63 Wall. —FiDi Fan Page



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  2. The damage to Tents & Trails was originally caused by the illegal construction of 19 Park Place, that ugly monster built by Chinese Corporations that have no respect for their neighbors or our city. Fortunately the NYC Building department has refused to grant a CO to them. China does not allow American companies to own real estate in their country, yet we allow full access here. President Trump is right to force China to act within the global rules.