Seen & Heard: The Entrance to 91 Leonard

••• Cortlandt Alley Way, the pedestrian passageway between 3 and 4 World Trade Center, ended up looking rather nice (and when the trees have leaves, it’ll look ever better).

••• Despite the disarray inside, Bouley Botanical is apparently not dead. “At the moment it’s still a private event space,” is the official word.

••• A really lovely photo by Annette Schreiber.

••• After I posted photos of 91 Leonard’s north and east sides the other day, I realized I hadn’t looked at the entrance on Leonard in a while. It looks like it’s two stories, and then set way back—leaving a funny strip of narrow windows on the upper floors.

••• The Cast Iron House’s Franklin Street sidewalk doesn’t seem to need a lot more work, so maybe it’ll actually reopen someday soon.


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  1. You probably want to change “Cortlandt Alley” in your lede to “Cortlandt Way.”