Seen & Heard: Luv Michael’s Granola Shop

••• The folks at Luv Michael—where people with autism make granola—discussed their plans for 42 Walker. No word on when it might be ready, though. (UPDATE 1/2: They’re saying late February/early March.) If you’d rather not watch the video, there’s also a web page about the project and how to support it.

••• Meanwhile, across the street, more of 35 Walker has been revealed. (Notice how the ground floor extends further to the west.) The Department of Buildings paperwork says the owner is Patricia Youdeem, who now goes by Dr. Patricia Moezinia, who had founded Franklin Dental Health at 81-83 Franklin (now the Allied Maker store).

••• The northwest corner of City Hall Park has become a giant mud pit.

••• Can we all agree that it’s sad seeing Christmas trees thrown away after a few weeks’ of enjoyment. So turn it into mulch! The link in the tweet below doesn’t lead anywhere that trees are mentioned, but there’s info at the DSNY’s site.

••• Has anyone ever seen work happening at the Breads Bakery outpost slated for Cortlandt Way in the World Trade Center? It was announced in June of 2016. The company hasn’t responded to emails. UPDATE: “I heard Breads Bakery is no longer opening at 4 WTC,” says Anthony. “I asked around and was told they backed out. Westfield also removed them off the center map.”



  1. City Hall Park has become an embarrassment. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t that long ago that the city spent more than $20 million to totally renovate it. Too bad they won’t spend a few hundred thousand to maintain it.

  2. I heard Breads Bakery is no longer opening at 4 WTC. I asked around and was told they backed out. Westfield also removed them off the center map.

  3. Would it make sense to cultivate the NW corner of City Hall Park in the middle of winter?

  4. Here is a list & map of drop off and chipping locations for the NYC annual mulchfest. Sadly, none are in Tribeca/Fidi.

  5. I work across the street from City Hall park and you can fall and hurt yourself on the loose tiles. Especially if you walk through the park at night with the bad lighting. If a homeowner or business owner had this issue, the city would fine them.

  6. Eater did an article on a nasty lawsuit between the founder and operator of Breads Bakery over a year ago. I’ve been working on the assumption that a WTC location for Breads was pretty much a non-starter from almost the get go.

    FiDi really could use a decent bakery though so it’s a bit of a bummer.

  7. The signs are still there for Breads bakery, on Cortlandt Way, so I hope the rumors aren’t true. Would be a great thing to have down here.