Allied Maker
81 Franklin St.
(bet. Church and Broadway)
Home Decor

Interest in the light fixtures of Allied Maker has continued to grow since the company was founded in 2o13, and the showroom on Franklin Street is the first time the line will be widely viewable by the public. When the company first started, it was actually called Allied Makers, and the idea was to sell other makers’ wares. Over time, that shifted, and instead Allied Maker relies on top fabricators from all over the U.S. to blow glass, throw ceramics, spin metal, and more, before the fixtures get hand-assembled on Long Island. As you might expect from a company that’s all about making stuff, the 2,000-square-foot space received meticulous attention, down to the custom-made door pull, the logo embedded in the terrazzo floor, and the staircase, which Allied Maker built in collaboration with architect Marshall Shuster and stair specialist Ethan Kramer.