Seen & Heard: A Starbucks Is Closing

••• Jerry says that the Starbucks at 148 Church (a.k.a. 108 Chambers) is closing at the end of the month; it opened just six months ago. Employees said it was due to the lack of traffic, and the sidewalk shed certainly can’t help, but it also can’t be avoided, since the Starbucks opened while the 10-story building was still under construction. I reached out to Starbucks corporate PR for confirmation, but I haven’t heard back. UPDATE: Corporate confirmed it. Last day is January 31.

••• After I posted yesterday about Kori’s uncertain status, John commented that a “for lease” sign has gone up in the window. According to the restaurant’s website, when Kori opened in 199, it was  was “the first Korean restaurant to open outside NYC’s Korea Town.” (Not to kick the dead, but Dok Suni appears to have opened in the East Village in 1993….)

••• The NYC Economic Development Corporation had a community meeting last night (we learned from CB1 yesterday afternoon) about “plans to reconstruct the Brooklyn Bridge Esplanade between Peck Slip and Catherine Slip.” Too late for the meeting, obviously, but there’s also an online survey.

••• Up now at the National Exemplar: Thomas Kovachevich’s A drawing projected for a total of 24hrs. “In 1973 the Museum Of Contemporary Art, Chicago, presented an exhibition of paintings by Thomas Kovachevich. Fascinated by shadows and their changing appearance under varying illumination, Kovachevich applied paint of closely matched colors over the shadows cast onto the Museum’s walls. Tinted lights were added for color complexity. Only some shadows were painted creating a subtle tension between natural and altered phenomena, calling into question our perception of both. At The National Exemplar Gallery, Kovachevich again investigates projected light and the passage of time. On this occasion, the focus is on one drawing taken from the artist’s digital notebook made over the last 2 years. As in the Shadow exhibition, the entire gallery is altered by reflected light, shadows, and images. The contrasts between analog and digital, perception of reality, image and impermanence is re-visited. The exhibition lasts for 24 hours, divided into 6 days for four hours per day.” Kovachevich is also a physician, who had an office in Tribeca for 12 years.

••• Opening January 16 at Access Theater: Pocket Universe’s Juliet + Romeo: “They’re taking a new look at Shakespeare’s iconic love story and presenting it through the eyes of a teenage girl reading Romeo + Juliet for the first time, desperately looking for the great love story she has been promised.” Tickets.