Seen & Heard: Three closings that sting

Sadly, there seems to be a five-year itch going on among neighborhood retailers. The following spots all opened in 2014.

MK wrote to say that Sun in Bloom, the cute vegan and gluten-free juice shop on the southeast corner of Church and Reade, is closing as of today. The owner, Aimee Follett, also had an original shop in Park Slope, which closed recently as well. She made it to exactly five years in this location, which is not a bad record for what has proved to be a tough corner.
Follett left this note on her website: “It has been your love for Sun In Bloom that has kept me in the game. Thank you for your support. For your friendship. For believing in me. For being a part of my journey. Thank you to every person who has contributed to Sun In Bloom over the years. I would not have made it this far without you. It has been my sincere and absolute pleasure serving you nourishing, flavorful food. Thank you for granting me the opportunity to do so. What an honor.”


Another bummer: The Evening Bar at the Smyth Hotel has closed. But you can still visit them in Detroit the next time you’re in town, where they are opening in the Shinola Hotel. Adding this photo of the hotel, below, since I am a sucker for anything Shinola, even if it is in a city 600 miles away. AKA at the Smyth said the new bar has not been announced, but it will be opening in April.


Jack Erwin, the men’s shoemaker, has moved its New York Fitting Room to Madison and 51st after five years at 10 Hubert St. (Sensing the pattern?) Uptown customers can buy off the shelf, where at Hubert, shoes were tried on at the store, then ordered and shipped. The storefront was also being used as a pop-up for La Ligne, which seems to have moved out as well. Thanks to tip from F.



  1. I had gone into Sun in Bloom on Monday (so sad about the news – I LOVE their house made almond milk and their spicy bean chili) – the wonderful guy at the counter said they are hoping to re-ope within a week under new management..not sure if anyone else heard

    • Yes, I spoke to someone there too. They said they were “re-opening” next week with a new name, new menu, new management, new staff. Does that constitute as a “re-opening” or just a completely different establishment?