Seen & Heard: Edon Manor is moving

Edon Manor, the purveyor of the most fabulous shoes (as well as other luxury items) in the most fabulous setting on Greenwich and Beach, is moving to 371 Bleecker, between Charles and Perry. The store was founded by interiors wunderkind Ryan Korban and Davinia Wang while they were seniors in college (!) around 2006, by my estimation. UPDATE: Davinia sent a note saying the move was motivated by better foot traffic and better rent. The pair gave an interview to Fashionista in 2010 and had these flattering things to say about the retail scene in the nabe:

Fashionista: How did you guys choose this neighborhood in particular?

DW: Well, I think it kind of reminded me of the Notting Hill Gate area. It’s very residential and quiet and it’s not crazy like Mayfair or Park Lane and what not. It’s sort of more subtle. That’s why I liked it…It’s kind of a quiet way to shop. That’s why we chose Tribeca. It’s close to SoHo but not in the craziness of SoHo.

RK: …There really wasn’t anywhere where I saw girls going that were still young but that they really appreciated shopping in a luxurious setting…I think the taste level here is very nice and I love the idea of who the customer is. You know a woman who’s maybe had her first child or is pregnant for the first time or you know—just got married or engaged. It’s really a neighborhood where people are starting their life and they don’t necessarily want a busy life like in SoHo, but uptown feels too stuffy for them. It’s like an effortless cool here.

The long-heralded arrival of Joe’s at 124 Fulton has finally come to pass. Word on the street from JS is that they are serving slices as of last week. This is the fifth Joe’s in the city, but it all started with the West Village location, which opened in 1975 and is now on Carmine. In 1975 fashion, the website is not updated yet with info, but I know it’s there.

Shopboy, the tailor at 62 Walker, is now offering in-home consultations free of charge, with no minimum or maximum number of garments. A specialist will come to your home for the fitting, bring the garments back to the shop for alterations and return everything back to you altered and ready to wear. You can call for a last-minute hem or a full review of the closet. The shop, which opened in late 2017, has since been voted 2018 Best of New York by New York Magazine and has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry including Thom Browne, Galvan London, Kiton and Theory.

Postmasters Gallery has mounted its first exhibition with Pussykrew, “a nomadic duo of Polish new media artists Ewelina Alexandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas,” currently in residence at NEW Inc./New Museum. The centerpiece of the show is the artists’ most recent project, the bliss of metamorphing collapse, presented as multiscreen video installation and virtual reality experience. The gallery also has a solo exhibition of Joe Amrhein, his largest show in the US since 2003. Through April 13.