Robert Janz tutorial for the uninitiated

“Bisoman is just calling in. Black Cat says, ‘It’s an ad for Awake, Alert, Aware.'”

That’s a comment on the site from Robert Janz, the painter of the street art on Chambers and Greenwich in front of TD Bank. Luckily I had Christy Frank and some other readers with the patience to school me. So for those of you rolling your eyes right now, skip to the next graf. For those learning as I am: Janz has lived near Duane Park for more than three decades and practices his brand of street art in the neighborhood and well beyond. He paints with water, tears and rearranges posters on “post no bills” sites and also shows in galleries. It’s really worth reading that second link of Erik’s from 2012 — the work is amazing.

This is his latest update: “Am limited by weather, but my Bisoman on Canal/West Broadway (Tribeca side) [see below] is still there, I just checked. There since 1 November, but changing a lot as it is attacked and I repair. I limit myself to advertising space or torn commercial ad posters, simply since they are so trite. I am typed as “Street Artist” but am not really, since I don’t use spray or post on lampost, mailboxes, clean walls.”

Keeping an eye out from now on.



  1. Robert’s work bring joy to Tribeca.

  2. Thoughtful public art! Reminds me of the 80’s fondly. Thanks Mr. Janz.