Seen & Heard: Reade Street vet is retiring

Mary Xanthos, who founded Reade Street Animal Hospital with her husband 11 years ago, will retire from the practice at the end October. She said she is taking a different path from private practice, and will leave Reade Street in the hands of Dr. Abigail Sine and the rest of the team. “It is a tough and heart-wrenching decision for me to leave,” she wrote in an email to her patients’ owners. “Believe me, it’s one I grappled with for a long time. I love you all, and it has been my complete privilege and joy to serve you and your wonderful fur angels.” Xanthos got a special shout-out from Erik in the obit for his pug, Howard.

As of last night, with hours moving forward seven days from 4 till midnight. More to come soon!

Moana will be screened on Wednesday, Sept. 18, in Rockefeller Park at Murray starting at 7. SORRY! GOT THIS WRONG!! IT WAS ON SEPT. 13.

R. was good enough to send along this picture of the Amazon Treasure Truck, which has to be the weirdest thing — and the weirdest-looking thing — I’ve seen in the neighborhood in a while. If you give Amazon your cell number, they will send you a day-of text offering random stuff at cut-rate prices — anything from steaks to mangos to headphones to Le Creuset pots. You then run over to the truck nearest you (for us, it’s in the parking lot on the NE corner of Worth and Hudson) and claim your “treasure.” It sounds like a good way to get a bunch of stuff you don’t need, but I would guess that is part of the Amazon business model. You can also propose to sell something that way too…



  1. I am not sure the Moana outdoor film information is correct. This past Friday (September 13th) it was shown outdoors at Rockefeller, but I don’t think they are showing it this Wednesday.

  2. How can a parking lot be zoned for an (albeit temporary)Amazon store on it? Does anyone know?

  3. There is more to the story about Dr Xanthos retiring. TC- please contact Dr Xanthos directly to hear her story.

  4. My cat, George and I will greatly miss Dr. Xanthos. She is so kind and knowledgeable. A “cat lady” in the best sense. Best of luck to you Mary.

  5. we too greatly miss dr xanthos and were super sad about her departure. we wrote to the new owners to express our hopes they would find a solution, but alas i guess only the clients saw her extreme value. cannot imagine this was a good business decision.