In the News: Fidi’s 2020 apartment boom

The Post ran a story about the boom neighborhoods around the city and included Fidi (just for the record, it may in fact be click-through advertising by, the new mobile site that crunches data on addresses about everything from shadow cover to current and future construction nearby). Here’s what they came up with:

  • Median asking rents ballooned from $3,100 in 2010 to $3,808 in 2019; median asking prices from $980,000 to $1.4 million. Among the new projects debuting this year are the blockbuster office-to-566 condo conversion of Ralph Walker’s iconic One Wall Street.
  • Towers by architectural heavyweights — David Adjaye’s 130 William St. and Rafael Viñoly’s 125 Greenwich St. — will bring 515 condos to the neighborhood this summer, with prices averaging $2.5 million and $2.8 million, respectively.
  • The former site of J&R Music and Computer World along City Hall Park has sprouted 110 condos that will open in early 2020 at 25 Park Row.

I think they missed 77 Greenwich (rendering above), which will be finished soon and has 90 units. And there’s One Seaport, or 161 Maiden Lane. And there’s the super creepy super tall 80 South Street. And then there’s One Park Row. Is 45 Park Place Fidi or Tribeca? What am I missing? Here’s the comprehensive list, in numerical order:

  • One Wall
  • 1 Park Row
  • One Seaport (161 Maiden Lane)
  • 25 Park Row
  • 45 Park Place
  • 77 Greenwich
  • 80 South Street
  • 125 Greenwich
  • 130 William

Adding to the list from Luis Vazquez’s comment:

  • 33 Beekman, a condominium (next to 25 Park Row)
  • 45 Broad, also a condo, may formally break ground in 2020 or may not
  • 75 Nassau, which will be a rental tower
  • 175 Water is also being converted to a rental tower once AIG packs up and leaves
  • 160 Water: rumor has it that it may also be converted. Same owners as 180 Water, another conversion (photo below)
  • 183 Broadway, a rental tower with over 200 apartments, is under construction



  1. There is much more happening in FiDi:  33 Beekman, a condominium (next to 25 Park Row). 45 Broad, also a Condo, MAY formally break ground in 2020 or may not.  Hard to say.  But the site is ready to go.   Same with 75 Nassau, which will be a rental tower. 175 Water is also bering converted to a rental tower once AIG packs up and leaves. Rumor has it 160 Water may also be converted after the great success in converting 180 Water next door. It has the same owners. The site at Nassau and John is waiting to clear out its remaining tenants before redeveloping the site, but I think this one may be a boutique office building or hotel, though residential may still be a possibility. 183 Broadway, a rental tower with over 200 apartments is already under construction.

  2. 185 Broadway is a mixed-use building at the entrance to the Fulton transit hub. 30 stories, 210 rentals, 30% affordable. Occupancy summer 2021, residential entrance on Dey Street. Base of the building is office space.