Film honors Robert Janz and his work on our streets

Filmmaker Joanna Kiernan followed local artist Robert Janz for two years, picking up his story at age 80, as he started making graffiti around the city, but mostly here, in greater Tribeca. Next week, her film, Janz in the Moment, premieres in Noho. The film is of course intended to honor Janz, whose career has spanned five decades, but it is also an ode to the neighborhood, with so many of the corners and crannies we know shot beautifully as the context for Janz’s work. It also documents his art-making in the studio and delves into his surprising past (no spoilers, but see the trailer here).

Of course the film is also peppered with gems like these from Janz, who is as clever with words as he is with the brush:
“The best thing about working outside is there’s no bureaucracy. I don’t reply to anyone. I don’t schmooze critics. I just do it. I get up and do it.”

There will be a special screening held on Wednesday, Jan. 22, 6p, at the Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave. at 2nd Street. A reception will follow. Tickets only available at the door.


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  1. Congratulations to Robert and Joanna! I look forward to seeing the Janz film, a tribute to one of our Tribeca art legends.