Action at the IPN storefronts from N. Moore to Duane

Stellar Management, which runs the Independence Plaza buildings, has told tenants that they will be erecting a fence four feet out from the buildings facade along Greenwich from N. Moore to Duane in order to renovate the storefronts. Thanks to P. and G. for the heads up and sending the letter, and Robert Ripps for the photos of the pole installation at the Duane frontage.

We already know there’s a plan for a new business called Cocoon in the Best Market space — a club for parents and children — but no fencing is yet installed further north near Duane Reade or other storefronts. (Link to the first story here.)

Stellar may call me back and provide a little more info? But it seemed unlikely from the one conversation I had…



  1. Stella is awful to its tenants period. I am sure they will never call you back. Selfish landlords that don’t care about any tenants. A horrible horrible place

    • you are so right on–they don’t need to fix anything–they need to lower the rents so a pizzeria doesn’t have to pay $40,000 per month. No grocery, no deli all priced out despite having successful businesses. This storefront is a scam and no one should trust this awful owner and associates

  2. This is not normal practice in developments. Stellar Mgtmt doesn’t care about their residents. If this was any other development, and these storefronts were empty, something would be happening and FAST. The building management that I work for would never do this and the neighborhood officials would NEVER allow this to happen.

  3. I personally think the storefronts should be flush with the outside of the building. It would increase both the rent, but also the likelihood that there will be tenants sooner rather then later.