UPDATEx2: Paisley will open this Thursday with Tamarind’s executive chef

It looks like Paisley is coming together: according to E. and her sharp reporting and photo above, the paper is off the windows, the lights are on, magnolia branches are in a vase on the bar and the staff said doors will open next week thursday. Chef Eric McCarthy has exited, and the website is still under construction, so stay tuned… This is at the former Dylan Prime space at 429 Greenwich.

The restaurant was meant to be a vehicle for the chef, a former Chopped contestant who came from Tamarind. But due to what I will call creative differences, he is now out. When the restaurant made a presentation for its liquor license last March, he came with his family and was the primary contact.

UPDATE: The restaurant’s PR team said it will open Thursday, Feb. 6, with chef Peter Beck, the former executive chef at Tamarind, at the helm. He will “pay homage to the food, art, and culture of India and showcase his unique perspective on Indian cuisine inspired by his upbringing in New Delhi and time spent cooking in Mumbai and New York City.The menu at Paisley utilizes authentic techniques and ingredients to highlight regional specialties from the northern, southern, and eastern parts of the country.”

UPDATE 2: Just to set the record straight between the two chefs, Peter Beck was Tamarind’s opening executive chef when the restaurant opened in 2011. He left after a couple of months and Eric McCarthy took over from there. It was under McCarthy’s leadership when Tamarind received its Michelin star, first in 2012 and then again in 2013 and 2014.

Hours are Monday to Saturday, 5-11p (lunch coming soon).

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  1. Very excited for this opening! I absolutely love Tamarind but feel its gone downhill slightly. Maybe this will be the new go-to Indian restaurant in tribeca.

  2. Would love to make a reservation. Cannot find contract info in any of the obvious/usual internet resources. Help!!!

  3. This is such very exciting news!! Many Congratulations Chef Eric McCarthy This Restaurant will go from strength to strength with not one but Two Very Talented Chef’s. 👏👌
    Sending very warm wishes from the Very cold wet and windy UK.