Cornices being removed at 131 Duane – the Hope Building

S. sent this picture of the cornices of the facade of 131 Duane — the former City Hall restaurant — being removed, when it is solidly in the landmark district. I only recently discovered renderings of the 3000-square-foot addition coming to the roof of the building, designed by local architect Jonathan Schloss, whose offices are in Soho. You can see them here on his website.

His site goes on to say that “preserving and restoring the historic character of the facade was an important part of the project. This involved close coordination with the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission…The facade features historic stone and masonry repair, preservation of the sheet metal cornice, new cast iron columns to match historic detailing, new steel storefront, and new double-hung wood windows.”

The renovated building will contain “lofts, retail and amenity space, and a new two-story rooftop penthouse with multiple outdoor terraces. They are also installing a new steel structure on the fifth floor to support the penthouse, and using reclaimed oak flooring and revealing the timber beams in the lofts.

So it is my guess/hope that the cornices will be replaced, though that seems like a bear of a job…

The Hope Building was constructed in 1863 and once operated as a shoe company. Will see if Tom Miller can dig into it a bit more for us. (It was also once a Where in Tribeca, back when we were seeking inspiration.)



  1. Im glad for the activity at this site and progress. I was wondering for months what was going on

  2. So depressing. I used to live there.