Seen & Heard: The BIDs maintain lists of open retailers

Both the Downtown Alliance and the Hudson Square BID are regularly updating lists of open businesses in their catchment areas. (For the Alliance, that is south of Chambers; for the Hudson Square BID, that is Clarkson to Canal.) Make sure to check the retailers’ websites or social media accounts to confirm hours of operations as things change rapidly.

Find the Hudson Square list of retailers here.
Find the Downtown Alliance living list of restaurants that deliver or have takeout here. Email any updates:
You can also check TC lists for restaurants, online workouts and retail.

Gran Morsi has started a GoFundMe page for its employees. From Vip Manchanda: “The current stimulus package increases unemployment, which will help, but unfortunately will not come through quick enough for most of our staff to maintain their basic living standards. 100% of donations will be going to our staff, and no amount is too small.”

“Oscillation,” an interactive exhibit created by Brooklyn-based design firm Urban Conga, is on display at 77 Water Street’s plaza through April 20. The “crystals” can be played like theremins, the electronic instrument from the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” (the one that makes sound without being touched). The company’s mission is to promote community activity and social interaction through play, and to find ideas for play in everyday spaces — crosswalks, laundromats, building facades, sidewalks.

Bill Gunlocke, who has been stationed outside the DOE’s offices at the Tweed Courthouse every morning for seven years, is feeling adrift without his routine. He sends these greetings to the neighborhood: “I hope everyone’s OK and I hope I can take up my position again on Chambers Street should school resume, I’d be grateful. I miss them all. I miss being there with my sign.”



  1. Gee Whiz no longer open for pickup or deliveries
    Bubby’s now saying not available for delivery or pick up until April 3rd. (not sure if anyone has had any success with them the last couple of days)
    Tamarind *is* available for pickup and delivery
    Carbone doing deliveries through Caviar ($$$$$)
    Sushi Azabu now appears to not be doing pick up or delivery
    (message on their website says they decided to close up the 29th)
    Tribeca Grill still listed on Seamless/Grubhub (it actually accepted an order of mine..90 mins later and going through customer service at Seamless..I discover they aren’t open)

  2. I’m not surprised that fewer and fewer restaurants are staying open for delivery. Seamless/Grubhub’s fees made a lot of deliveries uneconomic, but restaurants felt they had to go along or miss in-house business because Yelp was part of the same conglomerate. S/G has announced that they will defer the fees until the crisis is over, but that means that they’ll still be due some time in the future, making the entire business now money losing on each order. Given the increased uncertainty about how much food is needed each day, it’s probably cheaper just to close up entirely.

  3. Bubby’s posted on their instagram they’ve closed out of an abundance of caution for their staff.