Seen & Heard: Ok Uniform still open for business

After J. noted the paper on the windows, I checked in with Ok Uniform on Church and they are still open for business – just being more cautious about their window displays since they were vandalized in late May. My go-to for Carhartt chore coats for dogs (best dog present ever) and feeding my tea towel obsession (a pig with butcher labels is my favorite).

The Manhattan Community Award Program will provide small funding awards to nonprofit organizations and public schools through Gale Brewer’s office. This year’s (FY21) program will prioritize funding to organizations working with communities experiencing disproportionate impacts of the COVID pandemic and efforts to address racial justice. The grants are one-time contracts ranging from $5,000-$7,500. The deadline is this Friday, August 5, at 5p. More info here, and you can apply online here.

The Western Union display at 160 W. Broadway is honoring essential workers with collages and collage portraits by Tribecan Adele H. Rahte. The title of the show is “All of Us Thank All of You.” Rahte uses handmade papers and bookbinders paste to create her images and works in themes, including urban streetscapes and, of course, Tribeca. She often frames her pieces between two sheets of glass so the colors are illuminated.



  1. Tribeca Hardware is now closed for good. Modells on Broadway and Chambers is having 50% off with an additional 10% off. Cashier said their last day is 8/31.

  2. With so many businesses closing, DeBlasio destroying the city, mask/social distancing restrictions in place indefinitely, and so many jobs going virtual, I would imagine tons of people will leave this overpriced city. Take a look on Zillow and see what your money can get you elsewhere. I’m headed to Santa Barbara and saving money- a stunning estate on 3acres with excellent schools and beautiful weather. Buh-bye Gotham City!

  3. No, the word is de Blasio. And sometimes you need to look outside of the NY Times to find out what is happening right here in New York.

    Or you can read locally the news outlets you disparage:

  4. So why’d you post a link to a UK newspaper then? I didn’t disparage local media.

    I also don’t read racist, race-bating, pro-Trump, cops can do no wrong, anti DeBlasio/Cuomo/anyone Democrat/Black Lives Matter rags like the Post or Daily News. Their reporting is shoddy and disingenous with an anti-liberal/Democrat slant.

    That Daily News “article” (all 4-5 one sentence paragraphs of it shows nothing but an extreme bias against DeBlasio and his wife. The “reporter” says they hired a “shadow” staff – BS when they have to disclose information about EVERYONE they hire – and DeBlasio “grumbled” how? Try “explained.” That paper and the Post has had it in for DeBlasio and his wife since day one, like they had it in for Dinkins since day one.

    Giuliani and Bloomberg didn’t hire 150K or more staffers? Please. They didn’t exist before DeBlasio? Please. I will agree that salaries are excessive but hey – where’s the DN/Post article asking Giuliani’s son why he pulls down 90K a year being a glorified appointment setter for Trump? Why Giuliani is a traitorious henchman looking for dirt on Biden from Russia and Ukraine?

    Maybe YOU should read local news beyond the Daily News and Post, since you presume I get all my local news from the Times which I don’t. Besides that their local coverage is more about general issues with some stories about specific city events, I don’t read it because they have normalized Trump since day one.

  5. You’re really all over the place. I like how you say you didn’t disparage local media and then go on to…. disparage local media including the Times. And you conclude that maybe I should read beyond the Daily News and the Post, when I originally linked to an article in the Daily Mail, which is based in the UK.

    I didn’t say anything about Trump, Giuliani, Bloomberg. The topic is de Blasio and his wife. Your use of “whataboutism” in the discussion doesn’t refute anything stated about Bill & Chirlane.