Seen & Heard: Blood Manor coming back

J. sent this link to the Post, which says Blood Manor — the haunted commercial space on Broadway and Franklin that also haunted neighbors — will be back on Oct. 9 through the first week in November. The owners tried unsuccessfully to get a liquor license back in March.

ICYMI, Tribecan Paul Rudd — who, ICYM the joke, is 51 — put together this PSA spot on how not to act cool around your kids, in case you were tempted.

…about that vacant lot in Fidi that had arches cut into the plywood fence, it was an act of guerilla parkies, who were clearly suggesting the lot be turned into a public space. The Broadsheet figured it out: “Over the weekend of September 5, one or more public-spirited citizens (or perhaps wily anarchists, depending on your point of view) covered the wall with tarps and then used power saws to cut more than a dozen elegant arches into the wooden rampart. It took the three days of Labor Day weekend to complete this work, which transformed a drab barricade into an inviting portal, with a view of the wild urban forest that had sprouted up within during the lot’s years of disuse. “Then they had an opening party on Monday night,” recalls Esther Regelson, who has lived next door on Washington Street since the 1980s. “It was very strange. A bunch of guys went on the site and ‘opened’ it up to the public. I ran into a lawyer from the owners who said that these guys did it illegally, It’s a very weird situation to say the least.”

If you are looking for country life in the city, look no further than the leafy enclaves of the South Cove…


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  1. Interesting about Guerrilla gardening. In the 70’s, it was more prevalent in East village, which has many community gardens.